The Primer: Four Ways to Glam Up Your Home on the Cheap

We love indulging in design inspo as much as the next person, but sometimes scrolling through house tours and poring over the latest interior decorating glossies can be a demoralising affair. Deprived of unlimited funds, it seems recreating those luxe pads is simply an exercise confined to Pinterest mood boards.

If your Ferrari style is at odds with your Perodua budget, fret not. It’s not impossible to dress up your home without dropping major moolah on top of the line furnishings, or on the other hand feel like you have to resort to outfitting your property with floor-to-ceiling IKEA.

Don’t let pesky finances get in the way of a chic home. Heed our advice to achieve the posh look at a fraction of the cost.

Source: Liljencrantz Design
Source: MER
Source: The Line

#1 Stick to the classics. There is a reason, several in fact, why most high-end homes are designed on the foundation of a neutral colour palette.  A muted scheme of white, off-white, beige, grey, khaki, and brown emits a calming, clutter-free ambience.

Inject a spirit of sophistication to your space by choosing such hues for whatever that’s expensive to update—like floors, walls, and upholstery—and employing accessories to introduce visual interest. Not only does a neutral base allow bolder details to stand out even more, you are also giving yourself room for growth when your tastes change years down the road.

Source: Pedro Vannuchi for Claudia Bresciani and Júlia Risi
Source: Studio Mills

#2 Get in vogue. Art is a great go-to for aligning yourself with the aesthetic wavelength of the rich and fabulous. The plus point is you don’t have to spend a fortune on it either. Pin them to a corkboard, create a hanging mobile, install a series of floating shelves, eschew frames for washi tape; the possibilities are endless.

With the right method of display, everything from children’s drawings and flea market finds to air tickets from memorable holidays and menus of meaningful meals will appear gallery-worthy.

Source: T Magazine
Source: Jasper Morrison

#3 Faux it till you make it. Why go premium when the alternative is just as good? Certain materials are not one of a kind, and may contend with a plethora of lookalikes and substitutes that occupy a lower price range. Should marble, granite, and brass be out of your monetary comfort zone, laminate is a great proxy for the real deal, and is far easier to maintain.

Source: ninkipen!
Source: ALTS Design Office

#4 Less is more. Minimalism is a trend that’s here to stay, thanks to both hipsters and frugal spenders. Buying fewer pieces is obviously cheaper than buying more, and fortunately for those of us with tight purse-strings, simplicity is currently considered the height of elegance.

While it’s tempting to obtain the whole shebang—media console, area rug, sofa, armchair, ottomans, coffee and side tables—in a living room, all you really need is a place to sit and a surface to keep a drink on. The resulting impression will be classily spare, and economical to boot.

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