This Just In: How VR and AI are Changing the World of Interior Design

In a perfect world, homeowners would be able to step foot into their dream interiors and see their final visions accomplished ahead of renovations. Had a change of heart on the wallpaper you chose? Swap it for another. Got a piece of furniture you’re unsure would suit your living room? Test it out before dropping the cash.

Visualising the end product is part of the long-time struggle waged between clients and designers, utilising every tool of the trade from sketches and blueprints to 3D renders and floor plans. Unfortunately, misunderstandings persist due to a disparity in imagination. This brings about situations where you either leave out something you originally wanted, or receive an outcome that doesn’t match fantasy. Your surroundings then become a regretful reminder of what might have been, which could take spending more money down the line to fix.

Breathe easy, however, as technology is offering new and better ways to plug this widespread shortcoming.

Say Hello to Virtual Reality

Source: Interior Architects

This innovative concept allows users to experience seemingly physical depictions of home redesigns. After sending photographs and dimensions as well as discussing style preferences with a consultant, prospective buyers simply have to don a pair of VR goggles to get a 360 degree perspective of their designer’s proposals. Everything is to scale, offering a sense of depth and proportion that can be felt by ‘walking’ around the space.

Source: Part Time Evil

Besides being able to engage with an immersive environment while it’s still on the drawing board, homeowners can discover and explore overlooked details like light distribution and furniture height. Your selection of window treatments and lighting may cause glare on your television screen, while the kitchen island you had set your heart on is really too short for you to comfortably prep your meals. With virtual reality, these mistakes can be detected early and inexpensively.

Source: IVR Nation

Artificial Intelligence the Way of the Future

Source: JuJu Media

The classic dilemma: you have a semblance of what you want that you find difficult to put into words or pin down until you actually see it. Your designer spends a lot of time cranking out proposal after proposal that don’t seem to fit your aspirations, which leads to frustration for the both of you. With smarter software, this problem could be a thing of the past.

There exist programmes that use algorithmic techniques to provide more productivity and creativity. Fed with sufficient goals, constraints, likes, dislikes, and a little direction, they can generate hundreds of variations of a particular design in quick succession, leaving customers to pick their favourites or keep remixing them until they get close to their fancied home. No more stretches of waiting and arguing, just input and pick. Fast and easy, the way it should be.

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