7 Creative Halloween Decoration Ideas

Whether you are hosting a party, or you are designing your home for Halloween family night – or to scare trick or treaters. These interior design ideas are great for this Halloween!

Weave a Web

build easy- architecture-design-interior-halloween-black-and-white
Img from goodhousekeeping.com

How cool is this? All you need is a Halloween string of creepy crawling cobweb over artwork or a mirror you already have for the eeriest undead effect.

 Decorate Lanterns

Img from goodhousekeeping.com

There are cute cut faces out of black paper and Mod Podge them onto a string of white lights with paper lanterns.

The Stairwell

Img from womansday.com

If you have a stairwell this is perfect to design the a full Halloween theme, from spider web to spooky bats to creepy tree stalks.

Dress the Windows

Img from goodhousekeeping.com

Use candlelight to create dark shadows in the corners. If you have red curtains then you’ve hit the jackpot! Here, ghostly white tapers enhance the creepiness of Halloween cobwebs and flying bats.

Pumpkin up!

Img from goodhousekeeping.com

There are so many cool ways you can decorate your home by using the Halloween signature design, and that is the pumpkin. Whether you dress it up with Halloween costumes, or leave the inside of the pumpkin as an inside out design, pumpkin is a classic halloween must!

Gates of hell

Img from goodhousekeeping.com

Get your friends and family, excited from the outside. Join orange, white and black colours of Halloween to design a creative entrance.

Haunted House

Img from womansday.com

Gather some old dark furniture, old pictures frames, pictures, candles, add some web and you’ve got yourself a haunted house theme!

Share with us your Halloween design ideas!

We hope this makes your design process a tad bit easier! If you enjoyed this article feel free to share your comments and feedback. And For more design inspiration, make sure you visit ourwebsite.


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