Corporate Interior Design Companies VS Freelancers

Which one is better? You may have tried both, or you may have tried neither and you are pretty interested in the answer.

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When designing your home, do you book yourself an interior design agency? Or do you get a freelancer?

Do you go for the cheaper one or the better quality one?

You might even be looking to design your own home, and looking for guidelines on how best to design your home.

But which one is better?

Company VS Freelancer



Most of us would assume that hiring a company will be more costly. And that is true to some extent. While Freelancers are much cheaper than hiring a full force, you get what you pay for. Whether it is time, experience, or even quality, whether it is a freelancer or a corporate interior design company, you are paying for what you get.



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While some might say that a freelancer will not produce a quality product like a corporate company would. I’d like to disagree. Most freelancer work extremely hard to produce quality products. With that said, some people/companies like to over sell so make sure you look at the portfolio, whether it is a freelancer’s portfolio or a company profile, look at the previous designs beforehand, and decide if that works with the style that you are going for.



This article is speaking in very general terms regarding corporate companies VS freelancers. In terms of larger projects, typically larger companies are better equipped to deal with a client needs. While, there are some super-star freelancers out that that produce some great work.



Communication is a very important factor when it comes to designing your home, only a person who truly understands your image, style and vision will be able to provide your perfect home design. If you’re looking to develop clientele, in-house employees are aware of everything that’s going on in the company, and can leverage that knowledge to your advantage when building relationships with clients.
Now that you have made your choice on either an Interior design company or a freelancer, read more on working with interior designers here.

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